Logo We Demain

We Demain, a magazine – and a website – for a new era
Launched a year ago, in the spring of 2012, We Demain wants to be the marker of its time. As other medias before- VSD with the emergence of the leisure society in the 70’s, Actuel with the protest movement of the 80’s but also Wired in the 90’s – We Demain magazine wants to accompany the emergence of a new era, born out of 2008 Financial crisis. This new era instigates the third industrial revolution and the new economy more environment-friendly and conscious-minded, a new economy that is also more aware of its responsibility for greater social justice and ethics.
A year on after its launch, We Demain is a success. The magazine meets a real adherence from a large and diverse audience, made out of all those who are interested in the radically changing world and who aspire to see our time differently. Our mind is curious, open, uninhibited. Around the world, creativity and inventiveness emerge from all sides. The era of the « Bottom-up » is rich with ideas and positivity.
Issue after issue, We Demain deepens its analysis, relates through press reports new patterns that emerge in the world, anticipate future changes, accompany entrepreneurs who create new business models with humans and the environment at the core of their business, and goes to meet all these actors who already have switched to « tomorrow’s way ». Last February, our manifesto brought together near 104 members totaling more than 3 million French people!
The verbatim support us. Whether through spontaneous mail, on our website or on our social networks, our readers express their exceptional sympathy: ‘thank you’, ‘finally an optimistic review’, ‘visionary ideas’. These commentaries go straight to our heart and are as much incentive to go further and beyond. And together, tomorrow, to participate in a more united and humane world.