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Enedis manages the public electricity distribution network covering 95% of mainland France.

Enedis (formerly ERDF) was created on 1 January 2008 in the context of the opening up of the electricity market to competition.

ERDF is a public service company with 1,000 sites established throughout France. In particular, the company is responsible for the continuity and quality of electricity distribution, as well as non-discriminatory access to the distribution network.

Every day, its 38,000 employees oversee the operation, maintenance and development of almost 1.3 million kilometres of electrical lines at the service of 35 million customers. This makes Enedis the leading European distributor of electricity. The network belongs to the concessionary authorities (municipalities or groups of municipalities) which entrust it with management by means of a public service delegation.

Within this framework, the company performs numerous interventions on the network, such as connections, entries into service, repairs and changes of supplier.

In 2015, Enedis invested 3 billion euros across France.

Enedis, a major player in the development of smart grids 

Previously exclusively tasked with distributing electricity, the distribution network must now be capable of analysing and anticipating new types of use. It has to adapt to the boom in renewable energies (wind, photovoltaic, etc.), the development of electric vehicles and changes in electricity consumption patterns.

These changes require the development of tools which are capable of continually optimising the balance between the electricity network’s supply and demand at local level.

Enedis has opted for new technologies in meeting these fresh challenges. To prepare the ground for this major technological shift, Enedis is already investing in numerous projects in France and elsewhere in Europe. These are preparing the networks of tomorrow or smart grids, an alliance between the world of electricity and that of NICTs. The Linky smart meter, which will be present 35 millions French households by 2021, represents the “first brick” in this new system.