As the second European lottery, FDJ offers to 26.3 million French people a game service which is secured, innovative and creates value for the community.

Convinced that the game has to be a recreational activity, FDJ promotes a responsible model that seduces a great number of people, playing with moderation. FDJ constantly adapts to practice in order to offer new game experiences and maintains a very close connection with French people through a distribution network of 31 900 sale points, the website and the mobile apps.

This popularity among the French public is broadly inspired by the spirit of FDJ’s ancestor and founder, the National Lottery, created in 1933 to help the wounded of the Great War. Faithful to its original values of solidarity and responsibility, FDJ’s game model is based on a dynamic policy of redistribution. Close to 95% of the bets are given back to the gamblers through gains (66%), but also to the community (22,7%), especially to finance sport for all, construction and renovation of sports facilities and neighborhood stores.

In 2006, FDJ committed to display an ambitious strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Initiated in 2005 in the line of its Responsible Gaming policy, this approach is at the core of the new business strategy, promoted by Stéphane Pallez, CEO of FDJ appointed in November 2014 and implemented in both the physical network and online: “FDJ 2020: an enhanced vision of FDJ”.

FDJ associates its stakeholders in the development of its activity in order to benefit society as a whole.