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HAROPA Port reality

 HAROPA, the 5th largest port complex in Northern Europe, is a joint venture between the ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris.

As the first port called at for world trade, with connections to 600 ports worldwide, the port system has an outstanding geographic location on the Northern sea board of France and serves the European market owing to the river Seine and high-quality connection networks.

HAROPA is a major maritime hub in Europe, with a competitive and sustainable logistics system. Present on the logistics chain from one end to the other, with an efficient and green service to the hinterland, HAROPA offers pertinent and high-performance solutions.

Connected to the whole world owing to first-class shipping services, HAROPA handles around 120 million tons of cargo by sea and waterway each year.  With around one thousand hectares of land and estate reserves available for industrial and logistics activities, HAROPA business represents over 160,000 direct and related jobs.