La Tribune evolves to answer its readers’ needs. Everyday on and its numerical back up and every week in its weekly, the editorial staff offers its analysis of the economical and financial news being regional, national or international. With nearly two million visits per month on the website and more than 47 000 copies of the weekly, spread every week, La Tribune keeps its top position in the world of the economical French media sector. In the meantime La Tribune keeps on developing its Events activity with many innovating issues about new economical challenges such as the Socially responsible Trophies’’ “Trophées de l’Entreprise Sociale”. This event values, every year companies focused on social issues that knew how to combine the social concerns with a good economical efficiency. The main goal of that event is to rally people around challenging social innovations and the main changing drivers for the entire economy. Therefore, it appeared natural that La Tribune would be partner of the LH Forum.