Havre-Libre, Le Havre-Presse and Paris-Normandie daily newspapers (Le Havre editions) are distributed in Le Havre conurbation and La Pointe de Caux. Havre-Libre was born after the Liberation based on an initiative from communists and gaullists who resisted during war. Le Havre-Presse, firstly named Le Havre, was founded in 1949 and financed by insurance providers, Chegaray and de Chalus. Future French president, René Coty, serves on the board of direction of this conservative journal, redeemed by Robert Hersant in 1969 and renamed Le Havre-Presse. The business man bought Paris-Normandie daily newspaper in 1972 and then, in 1974, Havre-Libre, a left wing journal also close to the communist party.
The upper Normandy daily newspapers were a part of the Hersant group media (GHM) until August 2012, when two well-known media owners bought them back: Xavier Ellie and Denis Huertas. Since then, the three newspapers are totally distinguishable from the other French and European press groups. Through the initiative of the new shareholders, the first local daily newspapers online TV was created. A new website – – was launched in March 2014. During the past two years, the Norman news and communication company (SNIC) dedicated large amounts of money in order to develop digital contents: possibility to access the digital editions on a smartphone and tablets, development of personalized newsletters… Among other shows, a news broadcast of the week in 276 seconds can be found on Guest Of The Week, Eco 276…
Everyday 35,000 copies are made of Havre-Libre, Le Havre-Presse and Paris-Normandie and 15,000 for the Sunday edition Havre-Dimanche.