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As the subsidiary of Natixis Asset Management dedicated to responsible investment, Mirova makes addressing the issues and challenges of building a sustainable economy the keystone of its investment decisions.

The challenges of our future are also opportunities for investment: Companies are busy searching for innovative ways to address climate change, population growth, natural resource depletion, and solving the problems of access to essential goods and services for the world’s most vulnerable populations, and many related problems. The need for investment to prepare current infrastructure and regions for facing the new context these issues create is both tremendous and urgent in areas such as education, housing, transport, food safety, and the energy transition. Mirova has made a conscious choice to offer investors solutions that create value over the long term, financially and in terms of the environment, the economy or society as a whole. The company takes a global approach to responsible investing: equities, bonds, infrastructure (general and renewable energy projects), impact investing, and advisory services for institutional investors that wish to exercise their voting rights more effectively and engage in dialogue with companies.

At the end of June 2016, Mirova had 6.3 billion euros in assets under management, and 40 billion under advisory for voting and engagement1. The company brings together over 60 multidisciplinary experts: specialists in thematic asset management, engineers, financial as well as ESG analysts, and specialists in project finance and solidarity-based finance.

Since its inception, Mirova has committed to fostering sustainable development by offering investment strategies that can mobilize funds for projects by solution providers. For several years now, Mirova has been working towards making an active contribution to the fight against global warming and to materially enabling the energy and ecological transition through a range of offers: measuring and monitoring the carbon impact of its equity strategies, investing in renewable energy infrastructure projects, as well as supporting the development of green bonds. But Mirova’s commitment is even broader: Mirova contributes more generally to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations in September 2015.

The problem of declining natural resources has been at the heart of Mirova’s philosophy for several years now. This focus has led Mirova to develop an investment strategy focusing on the sustainable use of land. This strategy was developed jointly with the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and should be operational in 2017. The strategy will support projects contributing to combatting land degradation and to putting in place sustainable land management all over the world. It will develop resilient economic models primarily for sustainable management in agriculture and forest management. The fight against land degradation is part of the SDGs and has become a crucial issue that is intrinsically bound up with a number of developmental issues, such as food security, biodiversity preservation, water, the fight against poverty, and the prevention of migration flows.

1Source : Mirova, 31/07/2016