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Alexandre Jardin

Writer and President, Bleu Blanc Zèbre

BACKGROUND / Professional and academic:

Alexandre Jardin is the son of Pascal Jardin (1934-1980), writer and scriptwriter, known as the Zubial; the latter being the son of Jean Jardin (1904-1976), Known as the Yellow Dwarf « Nain Jaune », a political man, Director of the Cabinet of Pierre Laval under the Vichy regime. He has two brothers, one of them is the Director Frédéric Jardin and one half-sister. He is the cousin of Stéphane Delajoux. He was student at the École alsacienne. He wrote his first novel at the age of 20, called Bille en tête (1985; prize for first novel in 1986). He graduated from Sciences Po in 1986. He directed many films including Fanfan or Oui and was also, at that time, columnist at the Figaro. In 1988, he received the Femina prize for his book Le Zèbre, a book which was adapted for the cinema in 1992 by Jean Poiret (with Thierry Lhermitte in first role). He was a literary columnist for Canal+ in the show Nulle part ailleurs (with Philippe Gildas and Antoine de Caunes). As a writer, his major themes are love the Feydeau-style and education. He dealt with subjects as the fear of monotony and the first love revival. He often filmed marveled children.

He created the association “Lire et faire” in 1999, with the journalist Pascal Guénée.

In 2002, he pursued his associative involvement with the creation of the association “Mille Mots” (Thousand Words) which enabled retired volunteers to offer their services to prisoners. He is also sponsor of the association Unis-Cité which offers a voluntary civil service to young people between the ages of 18 to 25.

In 2004, he wrote a series of books addressed to teenagers, Les Coloriés. In May 2004, Philippe Muray wrote him an article in Exorcismes Spirituels -Moderne contre moderne, entitled « Effroyable jardin ».

He published a series of women portraits on April 1st, 2008, Chaque femme est un roman (Each woman is a novel).

In 2011, he participated to the literary festival Metropolis bleu. At the same year, he published the book Des gens très bien (Very good people), in which Alexandre Jardin pondered about his grandfather’s pro-Vichy past and the family denial affecting him. He mainly reflected on his role during the Vel d’Hiv Roundup in July 1942. The necessity for him to shed light on this « family secret » and to « remove the mask » caused much of a stir within the family circle, but he assured that he came out of this psychological process of exposure deeply invigorated, something that he described in Joyeux Noël (Merry Christmas), a book inspired by his exchanges with his readers who have confided in him further to his previous opus.

During the presidential election in 2012, he blamed François Hollande for nurturing a quantitative vision of the educational policy instead of taking a qualitative approach.

In 2015, he created the association “Bleu Blanc Zèbre” (BBZ) which initiated the collaborative citizens’ movement “Bleu Blanc Zèbre”. This movement “aims to federate and unite the civil society in carrying out concrete actions for the benefit of the population. Each Zebra is part of the solution and each one is part of the success of this collective adventure”. It launched a national petition: the “Faizeux” manifesto: “Let us act, we the “Faizeux”, those who endeavor every day to find successful solutions to the ailments which are poisoning our society. Let us act, we, the actors of the associative, mutualist or entrepreneurial world, who give the appropriate tools to the French people so they can take charge. Let us act, we the big and small cities rural mayors who trust the civil society to build together a happy future for our children. Let us act, we who speak on behalf of an adult civil society who no longer expects anything from above, but who is stuck with the reality below. Let us act, we who do not comment but who act in our municipalities. Let us act, we who know how to reconcile the most diverging opinions through civic action. Let us act since every one of us can be part of the solution. And France shall start again! Our country has always been a State, it must become an adult society”.

On April 16, 2015, he published his book Laissez-nous faire ! On a déjà commencé (Let us act! We have already started).

Alexandre Jardin intends to raise the level of his compatriots and hopes to dissolve the movement in 2017 after winning the fight, and then “return to literature”. The fight will be won once the politicians (les “Diseux”) will have entrusted the civil society (les “Faizeux”) with “public service contracts”.

ACTION / Describe your project, initiative, company

Bleu Blanc Zèbre (BBZ) is a citizens’ movement gathering 300 actors of the civil society such as associations, foundations, public service representatives, town halls, health insurance companies and other private companies who undertake efficient actions enabling to deal with a social problem by involving the citizens in resolving it. These actors join BBZ once their candidacy has been examined by an ad hoc Selection Committee, they will then be designated as Zebras (Zèbres) or “Zébrillons”.

Zebras are Faizeux (Doers)!

We are not a Think-Tank but a Do-Tank.

Each Zebra is the bearer of one or many actions which are as many solutions to the ailments of the French society.

Those Zebras are grouped by BBZ in Bunches of thematic solutions (Education, Access to employment, Entrepreneurship, etc.) in view to implement them in the territories with the Mayors who have signed the BBZ commitment charter (Zebras can of course act outside Bunches).

The Bleu Blanc Zèbre Movement gathers, around turnkey public policies, the dynamic civil society and the Mayors who trust it to resolve together the problems facing the French people.

LOCATION / In which city, country, region of the world do you carry out your actions?


IMPACT / What is the positive economic, social, political, environmental… impact of this action, project, initiative, company?

We bring back joy to France by solving the French people’s problems through solutions which are sometimes simple but which just stand out-of-the-box.

QUOTATION / A sentence, quotation, maxim that you can identify with

“We are living a wonderful era” Alexandre Jardin