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Anna Maria Tarantola

Anna Maria Tarantola

President of RAI - Former Deputy General Manager of Banca d'Italia

QUALIFICATIONS / Academic and professional development

Business Economics Degree, Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University, Milan.

Researcher, London School of Economics as part of Master of Philosophy in Economics.

Lecturer in Monetary Studies, Banking Techniques and Public Control, Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University, Milan.

ACTIVITIES / What project/initiative/start-up/company will you be presenting at the Positive Economy Forum?

The project to transform Rai from a Broadcaster into a Public Service Media Company, and its potential role in promoting positive change in Italian society.

LOCATION/ In which city, nation or part of the world is your activity based?

Rome, Italy.

IMPACT / What is the positive economy, social, political, environment, etc. impact of your activity, project, initiative,start-up, company?

By way of its mission, size and organisation, Rai as a company must build an organic project able to reach out to everyone in the country in order to pursue a process of continuous education. This is the enormous added value and the positive contribution RAI can make in disseminating “general interest culture” and shaping “active citizens”.

QUOTE / A sentence, quote or saying that describes it.

Example is the best form of authority (lead by example).