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Arnaud Ventura

Co-founder, Positive Planet, Founder & Executive President, Positive Economy Forum and Founder & CEO, MicroCred Group

Arnaud Ventura is the co-founder of Positive Planet (new name of PlaNet Finance). He is also the Founder and President of MicroCred Group, a microfinance investment, the founder of mBank Holding, a company investing in mobile banking. He co-founded Positive Planet Foundation and is the founder of the Movement for a positive economy.

Arnaud is an entrepreneur whose goal is to change the world, particularly in developing access to financial services.

Since the creation of Positive Planet in 1998, the Group has grown to become one of the world leaders in the field of microfinance. With more than 1,800 employees, including 1,500 in MicroCred, Positive Planet develops through its Foundation, an NGO and a group of social enterprise activities contributing to the development of access to financial services by intervening in the areas of consulting and technical support, financing, investment, insurance and rating.