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Arun Krishnamurthy

Founder, Environmentalist Foundation of India

BACKGROUND / Academic and professional background:

I started my career at Google before founding my own company, Environmentalist Foundation in India (EFI), in 2011.

ACHIEVEMENT/ What is the project/initiative/startup/company you will be presenting at the Positive Economy Forum?

I work for the environmental conservation in India.

EFI aims to protect and preserve nature through various actions: lake conservation, herb restoration/native species plantation, creating urban eco responsibility, composting, setting up bio diversity parks in schools, animal care, raising people’s awareness through youth camps and media.

LOCATION / In which city, country, part of the world do you conduct your activities?

Chennai, Hyderabad – India

IMPACT / What are the positive economic, social, political, environmental… impacts of the activity, project, initiative, startup, company?

The Environmentalist Foundation in India is known for its activity of voluntary cleaning and scientifically restoring lakes in India.

This process includes five steps:

1. Clean all physical garbage off the lake’s periphery.

2. Identify inlet sewage sources and regulate them to prevent contamination.

3. Dredge and de-silt the lake to remove deposits and use them to strengthen the bunds.

4. Organize native species plantation on the lake bund.

5. Fence the lake to keep away encroachment and avoid trash accumulation.

EFI has already cleaned 17 lakes around India, with many ongoing and future projects.

QUOTE/ A saying, quote or maxim that tells something about you:

Environment Conservation is no Choice or Compulsion, it’s Common Sense