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Aurore Courtois

Cofounder, Live for Good

BACKGROUND / Professional and educational background:

After business studies at Bocconi (Milan) and HEC (Paris), Aurore combined her experience in digital technology in a start up, Vestiaire Collective, with her passion for entrepreneurship. She immersed herself in social entrepreneurship by co-founding Live for Good with her family. In this way she can give meaning to her action while creating a social startup at the same time.

ACHIEVEMENT / What does the project/initiative/startup/company you will be presenting at the Positive Economy Forum consist of?

Live for Good aims to allow young people (under 27 years of age) who are outside of the traditional paths and who come from all walks of life ( whether they be disconnected youth, underprivileged, dropouts, disabled or refugees.) to achieve their full potential through social entrepreneurship and digital innovation.

Live for Good wishes to achieve this mission:

  • By creating and organizing an annual award, the Gabriel Live for Good Award for young social entrepreneurs from all walks of life
  • By developing an active community of young social entrepreneurs: the Entrepreneurs for Good
  • By building an entire ecosystem based on strong and meaningful partnerships with NGOs (Ambassadors for Good) and corporations (Corporate for Good)

LOCATION / Where do you lead actions for your project/company ( which city, region and country)?

Live for Good currently operates in all parts of France in search of talents which have been ignored and seeks to transform them into young social entrepreneurs. We have already managed to inspire a few young Africans and we have the ambition to expand the Entrepreneurs for Good Community internationally very soon!

IMPACT / How do you evaluate the economical, social, political and environmental  positive impact of your project / action/ initiative?

At Live for Good, we are driven by the passion to make social entrepreneurship accessible to the most people possible and especially to these young people outside traditional paths, and in this way develop entrepreneurial diversity by bringing together the top and the bottom of the pyramid. We also believe in the power of digital technology to maximize social impact towards all recipients of positive economy. Live for Good’s social impact consists not only in transforming the lives of these young people but also in allowing them, through our support program, to do the same in turn for others.

QUOTE / A sentence, quotation or a word that best describes you

“I have this vital desire to positively change other people’s lives” – Gabriel Courtois, my brother, who inspired this project