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Brice Lalonde

Special Advisor on Sustainable Develpment, UN Global Compact

BACKGROUND / Academic and professional background.

  • Born in France, Brice Lalonde is a graduate of La Sorbonne and Assas Universities (Paris) in Law and Literature. In 1968, he becomes chairman of UNEF-Sorbonne, a student union, and starts his carreer as an environmentalist activist in the French NGO Les Amis de la Terre.
  • In 1974, Mr Lalonde becomes national campaign manager for René Dumont, Presidential candidate of the French Environmentalist Party and spokesperson for the Paris’ local elections in 1977.
  • In 1981, he represents the Environmentalist Party and runs for Presidency – he gets close to 4% of the vote. He leads in 1987 the Office of the European Institut for environmental policy in Paris before becoming French Minister of Environment from 1988 up to 1922.
  • In parallel, he founds Génération écologie, a political and environmental think tank. In 1995, he is elected Mayor of Saint-Briac-sur-mer in French Brittany. He is relected in 2001. Besides, he also works as advisor and is appointed to lead several missions in Africa.
  • He chairs in 2011 the OECD Round table on Sustainable development. The same year, he is appointed by the French government to be in charge of the international negociations on climat change.
  • In December, 2010, the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon names him executive coordinator of the UN Conference on Sustainable development Rio+20. He kept this position until January, 2013.
  • In February, 2013, Mr Lalonde is appointed Special Advisor on Sustainable development to the Global Pact of the United Nation in New York.

ACHIEVEMENT/ What is the project/initiative/startup/company you will be presenting at the Positive Economy Forum all about ?

Mr Lalonde will present Global Compact and the Business & Climate Summit (BCS), a summit that gathered 25 international business networks representing 6,5 millions businesses in 130 different countries, 200 days before Paris COP21. The 1500 international economic and political leaders who were there, on May 20th and 21st at the UNESCO Headquarter, have called for strong political measures in order to roll out ambitious actions and solutions already identified and implemented by businesses.

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Global Compact tries to mobilize businesses against climat change. The BCS is one of its action. Its goal is to help goverments to define economic conditions in favor of a carbone low-cost transition.

Beyond his involvment in the BCS, Brice Lalonde is an environmental activist who speaks regularly in public to raise awarness on economic and political issues and challenges that we have to tackle in order to settle a real sustainable development of our activites.

LOCATION/ In which city, country, part of the world do you conduct your activities ?

The BCS has been held in France, at the UNESCO Office and gathered 1500 international economic and political leaders.

IMPACT/ What is the positive economic, social, political, environmental…of the activity, project, initiative, startup, company ?

During 2 days, 60 prestigious speakers from 26 different countries met around numerous round tables and conferences in order to:

  • speak about companies’ solutions to fight against climate change
  • present political measures they need to efficiently scale their solutions and stay under the +2°C warming limit objective

All the participants agreed on the fact that the Business & Climate Summit has been a great moment in the climate change fight, delivering shared, ambitious and unheard of before messages.

QUOTE/ A saying, quote or reference phrase that tells something about you.

« Act rather than complain! »