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Caroline Fourest

Caroline Fourest

Essayist, director, columnist and co-founder, ProChoix

Caroline Fourest is an essayist, a director, the co-founder of the revue ProChoix (feminist, antiracist and secular) and a columnist for France Culture and Transfuge. She is also a teaches “Multiculturalism vs Universalism” at Sciences-Po.

Caroline Fourest wrote several noticeable essays on the extreme right, fundamentalism, multiculturalism and universalism including Crossfire : jewish, christian and muslim fanaticism against secularism ; Brother Tariq: The Doublespeak of Tariq Ramadan ; La tentation obscurantiste, Le choc des préjugés, The last utopia : threats again universalism ; Libres de le dire : Free to say it (conversations with Taslima Nasreen), Marine Le Pen (Grasset, Poche) and Eloge du blasphème, a plea for freedom of expression after the attack against Charlie Hebdo.

Most of her books are edited in pocket-format and have been awarded: National Prize for secularism, Political Book Prize, Jean Zay Prize, Aron-Condorcet Prize, Fetkann Prize and Adrien Duvand Prize from the Political and Moral Sciences Academy. Some of her books have been bestsellers, like Eloge du blasphème. Some other, more academic, like The last utopia, are taught. Some have been translated into English or Arabic. Several of her columns for the Huffington Post are translated into English, Arabic and Spanish. From 2004 to 2009, she worked at Charlie Hebdo, where she covered the topics of fundamentalism and blasphemy. Notably, she wrote the article that was published with the Danish drawings of Mahomet. She also had a column for five years entitled Sans detour (Without digression) in Le Monde and she sat at the Anna Lindh Foundation (for the dialogue between cultures).