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Catherine Berthillier

Founder, Shamengo

BACKGROUND / Academic and professional background

Sciences Po Bordeaux + CFJ (Centre de formation des journalistes)

A special correspondent for 20 years, my work has appeared on the leading television news programs in France, including Envoyé Spécial (France Télévisions).

ACHIEVEMENT / What is the project / initiative / startup / company you will be presenting at the LHFORUM all about ?

With an award-winning career of investigative journalism, including reportage from 5 continents, five years ago I decided to devote my professional skills to promoting the architects of this new world, this new economy in which I want to participate. So I created the Shamengo web platform, which provides a collection of video portraits (short and long format) of the most outstanding green and social entrepreneurs on the planet.

LOCATION / In which part of the world do you conduct your activities ?

The planet is my playground! Sleeping 40,000 feet? No problem! I think of myself as a gold miner, scouring the globe for brilliant examples of environmental and social innovation.

IMPACT / What is the positive economic, social, political, environmental impact of the activity / initiative / startup /company?

Our videos have already attracted more than 12 million views on our website and partner sites. A community of tens of thousands (including schools, businesses, communities, media outlets) is participating in the Shamengo adventure.

QUOTE / A saying, quote or reference phrase that tells something about you

“Nothing is more contagious than an example.” La Rochefoucault.