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Cécile Cale

Curator and Chairwoman, Cercle Spiridion

BACKGROUND / Academic and professional background:

Cecile Cale as a high school teacher hinges her educational method on positive evaluation, and uses her skills to defeat failure by paying attention to the student himself and his progress. She specializes in Art and Culture, art philosophy and political philosophy to have an impact that goes beyond the social reality, into the world.

In 1996, after getting a Master in Esthetique /Art Philosophy and a Fine Arts and Art Sciences Diploma (DEA) at the Pantheon Sorbonne University in Paris, Cecile Cale obtained the “Agregation d’Art Plastiques”, an art teacher certification.

Passionate with art, art sciences and political issues, she is looking to establish possible links between these fields and how their branching out with artistic endeavors can, like the scientific methods, play a crucial role in the diagnostic of societal issues.

In order to deepen her knowledge in these fields, she has been involved in the following seminars:

At the ENS Ulm, a lab which, under the concept of “Act, Power, Virtuality”, explores the crossing and questioning of multiples disciplines in order to grasp philosophical issues at their core.

At the “EHESS”, the seminar of contemporary philosophy and the phenomenology of Jacques Derrida.

At the “College de Philosophie”, where she follows a seminar of Art Philosophy (“Philosophie Esthetique”) and the critical theory of Rainer Rochlitz.


ACHIEVEMENT / What is the project/initiative/start up/company you will be presenting at the Positive Economic Forum all about?

Cecile Cale founded with Claude Darras in 2008, the “Cercle Spiridion”, which borrows its name from “Spiridion” (1838) a masterpiece novel by George Sand.

Its mission is to support emerging talent, to promote Contemporary Art and to diffuse at large the francophone intellectual and artistic heritage. It encourages projects which articulate and rethink the relationship between Art, Heritage and Society. It is also involved in the transmission of the architectural historical heritage, from its restoration to its showcasing with the staging of art exhibitions.

To this effect, the Cercle Spiridion has organized, in partnership with Xavier Douroux ( Consortium in Dijon) and Paul Herve Parsy ( Reunion des Musees Nationaux), exhibitions such as: “Teenagers are always right” with Lionel Esteve, “Naked Nature” with Arianne Michelle, Matthieu Mercier in 2011, “Decor” with John Armleder in 2012, in the Chateau du Vert -Mont, seat of the Tuck Foundation (Institut Francais du Petrole, Energies Nouvelles), located in Rueil -Malmaison.

She is in favor of the protocol of the Nouveaux Commenditaires (a working template for the Coop Cite workshops), as she sees in it, a model to create again a political society, ” to make art as one makes society”.

As co-founder of the association SCICC COOP CITE, Cecile Cale organizes workshops which engage participants to rethink their way of living, working and governing themselves together. For instance, the workshop “Art, Heritage and Democracy… What about re-enchanting the world with art?” aimed to show each participant that one could access and participate to the democratic dynamic by making artwork collectively. The artwork being not anymore, the expression of a unique individual but that of individualities coming together to give a communal sense to the contemporary creation.

Cecile Cale has been selected in 2016, as curator for contemporary art, to participate to the renaissance of the Grande Chartreuse de Neuville, (a Carthusian architectural complex) located in the north of France. She is developing a concept for an incubator of social and economic innovations. A 3 year cycle dedicated to “growth and inclusive developments” aiming to share knowledge and to support local and responsible initiatives, in response to the mutations of our society. Culture and Art play a major role there: art as a powerhouse of positive energy, giving to everyone the possibility to believe in it, its capacity to do thing differently, in a word “to

re-enchant “ the world.

LOCATION / In which city, country, part of the world do you conduct your activities ?

Cecile Cale is based in Paris and her range of activities takes place in Europe and abroad.


IMPACT / what is the positive economic, social, political, environmental…of the activity, project, initiative, startup, company ?

At a time of uncertainty and precariousness for numerous young people, it is crucial to develop knowledge, to encourage and foster employment and support emerging talents. Art has a central role to play in the life of the community. With its unique relationship to the world it induces the power of creative collaboration, of acting and building together. In this respect, the goal of the Cercle Spiridion is to discover and support emerging talent, to mount exhibitions and artistic events to help them jumpstart their career and introduce them to efficient networks.

Artists with their unique sensibility and consciousness are the mediators of the perception of the fragility of humanity and the planet, in order to enhance le role of the culture in the ecological transition and the democratic renewal.

The aim is to facilitate the interaction of the public with the art and the artists, to make the public aware of the cultural heritage, its preservation and transmission to the future generations.

Cecile Cale, passionate with politics, considers that Art and Culture are levers for democracy and societal changes. She is involved in a few open structures aiming to rehabilitate the citizen voice and to place him again at the center of public policies.

As a member of “Democratie ouverte”, she works in this citizen association, using digital technology to help to free people’s creative energies to foster a humanistic vision aiming at restoring autonomy, responsibility and confidence, to participate in open governance leading to a more democratic and open society.

As member of the Scic Coop Cite, Cecile Cale works to set actions “to make society, together”. Depending upon the need and request of communities, Coop Cite offers frameworks dedicated to “democratic cooperation and citizen initiatives”. They encourage people to reinvent the citizenship, to get involved in the public space with the aim to make for a more human and positive society at the center of which, art as a generator of energy, becomes a catalyst for the common good.

As political consultant (for the deputy Jean Lassalle since 2008), and as researcher of political philosophy at the Assemblee Nationale, Cecile Cale works in a think tank around the concept of “The Citizen March ” which aims to bring back humanistic values in the society at large and to place again the citizen at the center of the political decisions. She is in charge of networking, coordination, and developing of political projects. She also runs a Commission Patrimony (natural and cultural) dealing with cultural transmission issues, for the young and future generations.


QUOTE / A saying, quote or reference phrase that tells something about you:

Une seule chose est nécessaire à avoir : ou bien un esprit léger de nature, ou bien un esprit allégé par l’art et le savoir.” Nietzsche, “Humain trop humain”.