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Charlie Graham-Brown

Chief Financial Officer, Seedstars World.

BACKGROUND / Professional and educational background:

Charlie started out as a mechanical engineer and thought that working on projects like the A380 at Airbus would keep him entertained but quickly realised it wasn’t for him. He jumped tracks by going through an MBA at the Collège des Ingénieurs in Paris that led to Geneva and into impact investment management with BlueOrchard. The emerging and developing market focus got Charlie traveling and closing deals in 20+ countries across Africa, Asia and MENA. Still being an engineer at heart, with a love of building things, he started his own company before connecting with Seedstars World, which had just done its first year and knew that was his calling! Charlie is now managing the strategy and operations of the company through its incredible growth phase from just 20 countries when he joined to over 65 in 2016. Responsible for the startup screening, analysis and the growth program, he has accumulated deep knowledge of trends in technology in emerging markets.

ACHIEVEMENT / What does the project/initiative/startup/company you will be presenting at the Positive Economy Forum consist of?

Seedstars is a Swiss based group founded in Sep 2012 which has the objective to impact people’s lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship. With ~57% of global GDP and ~87% of the world’s population in emerging and developing markets all our initiatives are focused on creating more successful, investment ready tech startups in these markets. In 2016 we’ll impact entrepreneurs in over 65 countries through various programs such as the global startup competition, co-working community, academy and acceleration program.

LOCATION / Where do you lead your project/company (city, region and country)?

Geneva, Switzerland

IMPACT / How do you evaluate the economic, social, politic and environmental impact of your project / action?

We track various metrics such as: jobs created, funding raised or mentoring hours provided.

QUOTE / A sentence, quotation or a word that best describes you

Keep it simple, keep it lean.