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Claire Nouvian


Claire Nouvian is a environmentalist who has devoted her career to educating the public and the authorities to the problems posed by the use of deep oceans and very vulnerable species they contain. Her involvement with a small group of NGOs in the “Grenelle de la Mer” has led to remarkable progresses in the conservation of the marine environment, such as France’s commitment to protect 20% of its maritime territory by 2020 .

Between 2002 and 2005, she has written two award-winning documentaries and founded the non-profit organization BLOOM ( ) . She has published in 2006 the and award-winning book ABYSSES , translated into 10 languages and hailed by the international press. In 2007 , Claire organized the ABYSSES exhibition at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris , the first exhibition offering to the public a unique opportunity for direct contact with a wide variety of deep-sea species , as well as an access to photos and exclusive videos. The exhibition has since traveled to other cities in France and abroad and has been seen by over two million people .

Claire is an ardent defender of the oceans. She works especially on the issue of public subsidies in the fisheries sector and revealed the poor economic performance of bottom trawling. Claire became a Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation in 2012 for her work on subsidies. She regularly gives talks in schools and universities . In December 2012, she was named “Woman Gold Environment ” and in 2013 was awarded the Medal of the National Order of Merit.