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Corentin de Chatelperron

Sailor & Inventor of "Gold of Bengal"

Corentin de Chatelperron is a young French engineer, adventurist and manager of the ‘Gold of Bengal’ project for 3 years.

After general engineering studies of Arts & Métiers (ICAM) he worked 3 years in ecotourism and aeolian sector. Beginning of 2009 he goes to Bangladesh to work in a modern shipyard producing fiberglass composite boats. Quite rapidly he got the intuition of replacing fiberglass (which is a polluting, expensive and imported material) by the jute fiber, a natural local resource.

So as to show the potential of the jute composite and to find partners Corentin builds the sailboat ‘Tara Tari’ (40% jute fiber, 60% fiberglass) and decides to come back to France onboard. This 6 months journey in the sea, later called « The Tara Tari adventure » was a big success. Many partners have joined Corentin to start up the research project «Gold of Bengal ».

Today, a second boat, 100% jute composite has born and a 8 people team is working full time on the development of this innovation for Bangladesh (research, prototyping, technology transfer).

In 2014, new amazing projects are in the pipes, still in the spirit which drives Corentin who is convinced we have to create synergies between worldwide scientific competencies and know how to innovate in the direction of sustainable development.