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David Robichaud

David Robichaud

Professor of philosophy and ethics, University of Ottawa

BACKGROUND / Professional and academic:

David Robichaud is professor of philosophy and ethics at the department of philosophy of the University of Ottawa, Canada. His work deals with social justice, the nature and determinants of trust as well as linguistic justice. In addition to many academic articles, he published in 2016 (with Patrick Turmel) La juste part. Repenser les inégalités, la richesse et la fabrication des grille-pains, at « Les liens qui libèrent » publications.

ACTION / Describe your project, initiative, company

The major hindrance to the implementation of fairer policies and to the achievement of social justice does not seem to be the absence of a convincing justice theory but rather many wrong beliefs which contradict the pursuit of justice. By way of producing articles and books, and also giving media interviews, open-public conferences and lectures to unions and student associations, I endeavor to debunk certain myths which make unpopular the social politics aiming to more socio-economic justice. As a priority issue, I tackle the myth of individual merit as a unique determinant of success, and other resulting myths such as the self-made man, the trickle-down economics theory, and the idea that taxation violates the freedom of individuals who would preexist the State.

LOCATION / In which city, country, region of the world do you carry out your actions?

The vast majority of my lectures/conferences take place in Canada, in Quebec and Ontario, but also in Belgium and France.

IMPACT / What is the positive economic, social, political, environmental… impact of this action, project, initiative, company?

Changing the representation of certain social and economic realities requires a lot of time but the popularity of our small essay La juste part. Repenser les inégalités, la richesse et la fabrication des grille-pains (Les liens qui libèrent) as well as the interest in the ideas which are developed in it make me believe that we are positively contributing to the reversal of the liberal discourse used to question the legitimacy of the social State and the relevancy of the socio-economic equality as a political ideal.

QUOTATION / A sentence, quotation, maxim that you can identify with:

Every wealth is, first of all, a social product!