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DUEZ Emmanuelle OK

Emmanuelle Duez

Founder, The Boson Project & Founder and Chairman, WoMen'Up

BACKGROUND/ Academic and professional background

Graduate in Law and of Sciences Po Paris, ESSEC Business School and Bocconi Universita.

Has created WoMen’Up in 2011 and The Boson Project in 2013.

Lieutenant, French National Marine since 2014.

ACHIEVEMENT/ What is your project, initiative, start-up, company all about?

WoMen’Up is a French organization which growing in a qualified international network since its creation in 2011. Its goal is to foster the development of new and innovative customs in terms of mixity, gender, generation and balance between personal and profesionnal lives. With a think tank (which works on international investigations in partnership with CAC 40 companies and national events in France) and a do tank (La Fusée by WoMen’Up, “incubator of potentials”, a one-year-long training program for young men and women ambassadors who will pass the message to their company later on), our organization aims to shift the lines and to develop perspectives. Key figures: 50+ School and Universities, 15 partners-companies, 50+ Professional networks, annual seminars organized with the MEDEF. More info:

The Boson Project is a startup made of entrepreneurs commited in shifting the lines in companies by putting the co-workers in the heart of the transformation process, especially the yougest ones.

As a new kind of consulting agency, we tackle the decisive issue of organizations’ mutation and work forward turning unbending structures – full of process, highly ordered, heavy, sometimes inert or counterproductive in their current fonctionning model – into flowing ones – cross-disciplinary, transparent, open, interlinked and necesserily commited – by and for the human capital.

This initiative is led by a convinction: we are on the edge of a new era – Michel Serre talks about the 3rd anthropological revolution of humanity history – of which the digital aspect is only the visible part of the iceberg and which affects our societies like never before. In this context, all kind of companies, wherever they are, have to face the necessity to mutate in order to gain the agility they need to be competitive in a world where the rules have changed, where from now on the biggest one doesn’t win anymore over the weakest but the most agile over the most inert.

Mutation levers are, according to us, less in digital tools than in the digital natives, generation that is at the image of its age, product of the globalization, of collaborative work, of the “glocal” system, of permanent interconnection, of extremly fast exchanges and interdisciplinarity ; generation that unconsciously carries in itself a new way of seeing and designing business, in its internal fonctionning as well as in its external role. Key figures : 130+ references. More info:

LOCATION/ In which city, country, part of the world do you conduct your activities?

Our headquarter is in Paris but our work is international. We work without borders in order to engage a business revolution.

QUOTE/ A saying, quote or reference phrase that tells something about you

“I think that everything is possible for whom dreams, dares, works and never give up.” Xavier Dolan