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Erik Izraelewicz

Director, Le Monde

57 years old, graduated from HEC and training center for journalists, Erik Izraelewicz began his career as a financial journalist for the weekly L’Usine Nouvelle. In 1981 he joined the fortnightly Expansion in 1985 and participates in the creation of the Tribune Economy. Erik Izraelewicz debuted at the World April 1986, as a journalist in the service economy, responsible for banking, insurance and financial conditions French. In December 1988, he was appointed Deputy Chief economy. He became head in September 1989. In 1991, he was appointed editor economic. He then moved to New York from late 1993 to 1994, as a correspondent of Le Monde. In 1996, he was appointed editor. He left the newspaper in January 2000 to join the business daily Les Echos as editor and columnist, responsible for developing the ideas section. He became deputy director of writing in 2004, then managing editor in 2007. He finally left the newspaper in February 2008 to join The Tribune. He will leave in July 2010.