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François-Ghislain Morillon

François-Ghislain Morillon

Co-founder, Veja

François-Ghislain Morillion created with Sébastien Kopp Veja in 2004. The brand sells shoes, as well as bags, wallets, small leather goods for men and women. Made in environmentally friendly materials and fair trade, Veja accessories are manufactured in Brazil where the project started. Organic cotton comes from the Northeast, the wild Amazonian rubber; leather is tanned without chromium acacia extract.
In 2011, 120,000 pairs of shoes have been sold Veja – that is 23,000 kg of organic cotton and more than 11 000 kg of wild Amazonian rubber – in 21 countries, primarily in boutiques in Europe. The brand sets up supply chains and has a direct relationship with the producers’ cooperatives. Veja contributes to local economic development.