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François Marty

Chairman, Chênelet

François Marty holds an Executive MBA graduate obtained at HEC, and is the Chairman of Chênelet, a company which mainly aims to boost the production of eco-friendly houses for the poorest.
Former Councillor and Chief Advisor of Guy Hascouët, former Minister at the State Secretariat for Solidarity-based Economy, he wo-wrote the parliamentary report « Territories, employment and sustainable development » for Lionel Jospin, Prime Minister at the time. He is also President and Managing Director of the company Scierie and Palettes du Littoral.
François Marty received several awards: Ashoka prize winner in 2008, RethinK C.C.I PARIS prize winner in 2009, winner of the Jury special prize for the R.S.E Région Nord Pas- de-Calais in 2009 et winner of the prize “favorite person of the Mayors of France ” in 2010.