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Gilles Vanderpooten

Gilles Vanderpooten

Managing Editor, Reporters d’Espoirs

Gilles Vanderpooten, 26 years old, is the Redactor in chief of Reporters d’Espoirs, an NGO created in 2003 for the promotion of initiatives carrying solutions in the media and the general public.
He is devoted to promoting alternatives and solutions to environmental, economic and societal issues which engage our collective responsibility. Co-founder, with the explorer Jéromine Pasteur d’Indibio, of the Institute for biologic diversity, he started many associations and initiatives concerning ecology and « sustainability » such as the Eidos environment film Festival in Nantes, the Call for a sustainable France or the association “Vive la Terre”.

He was the director of « Le Tour de France of sustainable development » and published a book under the same title at the Alternatives publishing house in September 2000. In 2011, he launched the series Conversation for the future at l »’Aube publishing house. A series of intergenerational interviews with captivating personalities inaugurated by Stéphane Hessel and Involve yourself! a bestseller translated in 16 languages.