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Jean-François Toussaint

doctor and physiologist professor, université Paris Descartes

Born on April 8th, 1963 in Dunkerque, France

Head, Institute for Research in bioMedicine and Epidemiology in Sports (IRMES) President, Expert Group “Sport, Health and Participation” of the European Commission
President, Groupe Adaptation & Prospective of the French High Council of Public Health
(Haut Conseil de la Santé Publique, HCSP)

MD, PhD, cardiologist and professor of physiology at Paris Descartes university. His work has been sustained by publications in first rank medical scientific journals, books and lectures in American, Asian or European universities and international congresses on MRI, detection of cardiovascular diseases and sport science. He organised several national and international conferences on health prevention and prospective ; the recent colloquium, at the Paris Museum d’Histoire Naturelle “May man adapt to himself ?”, included a lecture by Jacques Delors.

Educated in Paris Lycée Louis Le Grand and research fellow at the Harvard Medical School, he is a member of several French and European scientific societies and reviewer for Circulation, PLoS ONE, ATVB, Nature Cardiovascular Medicine, Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, Europace, Journal of Applied Physiology, European Heart Journal…

He presided the 2006 commission « New Prevention Strategies » and the Etats Généraux de la Prevention at the request of the French health minister. He wrote the 2005 report « Medicine and Sport » for the sport minister. In 2008, he prepared the National Plan for Prevention through Physical Activity and Sport (PNAPS) chosen to support the 2012 national policy on sport and public health. He is the current president of the Expert Group « Sport, Health and Participation » of the European Commission and a board member of the French Program National Nutrition Santé (PNNS 2011-2015), the French National Center for the Development of Sport (CNDS) and a Member of the Orientation Committee of the Musée de l’Homme in Paris.

JF Toussaint is a former player of the Volley-Ball French Team and Premiere League Champion.