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Jean-Pierre Rosenczveig

Honorary Magistrate and President, International Bureau for Children’s Rights

BACKGROUND / Professional and academic:

1974: Juvenile judge, Versailles.

1981: Minister of the Family Cabinet.

1984: Director of the Child and Family Institute.

1992: President of the Bobigny Juvenile Tribunal.

Honorary Magistrate,

Community activist: President of the International Bureau for Children’s Rights (Montreal),

Lecturer Master II Nanterre,

UNICEF and E.U expert on childhood,

Member of the Committee of Experts for the human rights Advocate.

ACTION / Describe your project, initiative, company

Promote children’s rights through various involvements such as the APCEJ (game box, reconstructed trials etc.).

Many official reports on children’s rights,

A dozen books,

Weka Encyclopedia on childhood protection.

LOCATION / In which city, country, region of the world do you operate?

France and abroad upon demand. Ex: Ivory Coast for the EU, a UNICEF mission in Algeria.

IMPACT / What is the positive economic, social, political, environmental… impact of this action, project, initiative, company?

Initiated many legislative improvement measures.

QUOTATION / A sentence, quotation, maxim that you can identify with:

“Human rights do not start at 18”

“Obligations when there are rights”