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Jérôme Saltet

Associate Director, Co-founder, Play Bac

BACKGROUND / Academic and professional background

Co-founder of the 1986 of the Play Bac group, he has created with his associates Les incollables, one of the world best sellers in the field of educative games and Mon quotidien, first daily news for kids in Europe. Passionate of education, he is member of the scientific council of teaching. He presided over the foundation La Vie au Grand Air until 2008 which helps children in great difficulty.

With André Giordan, he has published many educational works including Coach College and Learning to learn. They also conceived a project of innovating school described in Changer le college c’est possible.

ACHIEVEMENT/ What is your project, initiative, start-up, company all about?

I am among the participants of the Forum for secondary school student

LOCATION/ In which city, country, part of the world do you conduct your activities?

In France

IMPACT/ What is the positive economic, social, political, environmental…of the activity, project, initiative, start-up, company?

The Play Bas Mission « let’s change education ! »

QUOTE/ A saying, quote or reference phrase that tells something about you

« The happiness of a man is not freedom but in the acceptation of his duty » André Gide