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Luc Jacquet Portrait

Luc Jacquet

Director, founder of NGO Wild-Touch


Director, founder of NGO Wild-Touch

BACKGROUND / Professional and educational background:

After biology studies, Luc Jacquet discovers his passion for image and scientific mediation after wintering in Antarctica.

His first movie, March of the Penguins, brings together more than 35 million viewers worldwide and receives the Oscar for Best Documentary in 2006.

In 2010, he founds NGO Wild-Touch, with the will to act for nature preservation through the power and emotion of the image. At the heart of primary forests, the project Once upon a Forest had initiated the personal commitment of Luc Jacquet by dispensing with conventional audiovisual narration to be a science mediator with a strong artistic bias.

The projects on climate, Ice and the Sky, and the poles, Antarctica, have enabled millions of people worldwide, through all medias, to share the great Wild-Touch adventure in the most magnificent natural sceneries of the planet.

The NGO continues today with The Flow of Life, a global art project at the heart of 7 major symbolic and representative biomes of the major conservation issues.

ACHIEVEMENT / What does the project/initiative/startup/company you will be presenting at the Positive Economy Forum consist of?

A meticulous craft carried by Luc Jacquet, at the crossroads of artists, scientific experts and educators’ talents, to immerse the audience at the heart of biodiversity. An innovative mediation through ambitious implementation means, and deployed across all medias, for all audiences.

LOCATION / Where do you lead your project/company (city, region and country)?

Based between Paris and Lyon, Wild-Touch initiates expeditions all around the world. Our productions are spread and used worldwide.

IMPACT / How do you evaluate the economic, social, politic and environmental impact of your project / action?

Our initiative is based on a circular value creation. The main impact of our activities is primarily social: all that is produced and distributed by Wild-Touch has a mission of general interest and pedagogy. Our programs have a behavioral and positive environmental engagement impact on the public.

QUOTE / A sentence, quotation or a word that best describes you

A link between man and Nature