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Mathias Levy-Noguères

Managing Director, Logeo Group

BACKGROUND / Academic and professional background

Mathias Levy-Noguères is 48 and graduated from Centrale Paris School and from Sciences Po Paris. He began his career in firm management advisory. In 2000, he adopted a new approach to frame its activities into the general interest. He joined a social company in the housing sector. In 2009, he participated to the Logeo Group creation whose he is the Managing Director since September 2013. Mathias LEVY-NOGUERES is also Deputy Chairman of the Board of Logeo Seine Estuaire, social housing company working on the Seine waterway axis between Paris and Le Havre.

ACHIEVEMENT / What is your project, initiative, start-up, company all about?

The Logeo group is a nonprofit social real estate group. It belongs to the Action Logement movement. It carries values and characteristics of social entrepreneurship. Logeo Group represents an original reference and is an example of corporate ethics. It intervenes on employees housing which is a growing social and societal concern for companies.

LOCATION / In which cinty, country, part of the world do you conduct your activities?

The Logeo group intervenes in France, mainly in Normandy, Ile-de-France and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur through Logeo Seine Estuaire and Logeo Méditerranée, two social housing companies.

IMPACT / What is the positive economic, social, political, environmental … impact of the activity, project, initiative, start-up, company?

The Logeo group pursues a general interest goal. It mission is based on employees housing, on help to housing for access to work, and on accompaniment on companies and territories development. It deploys a large random of services and real estate solutions, through 19,000 social housing and an offer with strong economic and social added value: complementary housing insurance.