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Mauro Del Vecchio

Former-Commander in Afghanistan, NATO

BACKGROUND/ Academic and professional background.

– Senator of the Republic in the ranks of the Democratic Party (2008-2013)

– Commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan (ISAF VIII) (2005-2006)

– Commander of the NRDC (NATO Rapid Deployment Corp) (2004-2007)

– Commander of the multinational forces KFOR in Kosovo and Macedonia (1999)

The General Mauro Del Vecchio was born in Rome on 7 June 1946. He attended the 22 ° (147 °)  Military Academy of Modena from 1965 to 1967 and completed the training cycle at the School of Application Turin in 1970, when he earned the rank of lieutenant in the specialty sharpshooters.

Promoted to the rank of general of the army corps, has assumed, from the beginning of 2004, the command of the Army Corps Rapid Reaction Italian for NATO.

As a staff officer, General Del Vecchio has held numerous positions. In particular, it was training officer at the office of the command of the 5th Corps (1981-84) and is officer (1984-87) and section chief (1988-92) office employment of staff of Staff of the Army. In addition, he held the same staff, as head office training (1993-97) and the deputy head of the department employment of staff (2003-04).

General Del Vecchio attended, with control functions, in many operations abroad. A first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina (March-October 1997) as commander of the multinational brigade north, in the area including the cities of Sarajevo, Gorazde and Pale. Still in the theatre of the Balkans, he commanded the Italian contingent in Macedonia employed in humanitarian aid to the Albanian refugees (March-June 1999).

Subsequently, in Kosovo was commander of the multinational brigade west, including the head of the city of Pec, Dakovica, Decane and Klina (June-September 1999). Finally, from August 2005 to May 2006, he commanded the operation International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) of NATO in Afghanistan.

For the operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina ‘was honored with the title of Grand Officer of Merit of the Italian Republic, the bronze medal at the value of the Army, the honor of Commander of Merit of the French Republic and the Medal of Military Merit 1st class Portuguese. For the operation in Kosovo, he was awarded the decoration of Knight of the Military Order of Italy, Spain, the honor of Knight Legionnaire of honor.

For the operation ISAF has been awarded the NATO Meritorious Medal and the Grand Cross of Merit with distinctive white Spanish military. Also, among others, the following honors: Mauritian Medal, Gold Medal of Merit of long command, Gold Cross with Star for service, Commemorative Medal for the rescue operations in Friuli. From November 26, 2002, he has held the post of President of the Council of the Military Order of Italy.