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Mélanie Cataldo

Founder, Planète Sésame 92

PARCOURS / Académique et professionnel

Mélanie Cataldo is member of the networks MOUVES (Mouvement des entrepreneurs sociaux) and ‘Les Mompreneurs’, which is a network of compagny managers, who are also housewives.
She is moreover a social entrepreneur in the bio solidarity catering, Planète Sésame 92, created in 2008, and Professor of Social and Solidarity Economy in the Paris X University.
She presides the association Employeurs solidaires 92 (a departmental network of integration structures by the economic activity), she works voluntarily in the association 100 000 Entrepreneurs, and she is a voluntary chef since 2000 in the association Jeunesse et Randonnée.
From 2001 to 2004, she worked in kitchen for great caterer and one year in a well-known restaurant holder of a Michelin star in Dublin (Ireland), before becoming salesperson for a parisian caterer and for the european leader of reception and decoration equipment hire (2004-2005).
In 2008, noticed by Sophie Richard (seconded in la Caisse des dépôts to create Planète Sésame caterers), she became, in the association Planète Sésame national, in charge of research and development for the creation of inclusion companies in catering, which are specialized in world cuisine prepared with bio products (market products, coaching for project holders, business plan, trainer : cuisine, hygiene, commercial, communication, management, research product, recipe and concept creation.)
On November 2008, she created the solidarity catering Planète Sésame 92 in a troubled area in Nanterre. Her company joined many networks, as the Réseau national, the Réseau cocagne, the CNEI, the UREI IDF (regional network) and Employeurs solidaires 92 (departmental network).
She wrote a STL Baccalaureate in 2000 and a food hygiene certificate in restauration, in Ireland the next year. In 2004, after a food NVQ (2003-2004) at the Ecole Supérieure de Cuisine Française Grégoire Ferrandi, she continued her studies and she became the head of the class with a restaurateur diploma with a caterer reception planner option. She followed in 2008 a training to become a technical leader for inclusion employees at the FNARS and get in 2013 a ‘Licence to train’ to lead students following a contract of professionalization.

ACTION / En quoi consiste le projet, l’initiative, l’entreprise?

Planète Sésame 92 is bio solidarity catering and an inclusion company engaged in climatic solidarity thanks to CO2 Solidaire. This company offers a refined world cuisine, cooked by employees in insertion or in future oriented-jobs in a laboratory financed by the French state, the Île-de-France region, the Nanterre City Hall, Financités in Positive Planet, France Active, Crédit coopératif, the cigales and private funds (Fondation Macif, Fondation Financière de l’échiquier, Fondation Vinci, Fondation Société générale), SPEAR (solidarity saving).
It got the Award of solidarity finance with le Monde and Finansol.

LOCALISATION / Dans quelle ville, pays, région du monde menez-vous vos actions ?

Planète Sésame 92 has been created in a troubled area in Nanterre.

IMPACT / Quel est l’impact économique, social, politique, environnemental positif….de cette action, projet, initiative, entreprise ?

Mélanie Cataldo is really enlisted in social entrepreneurship thanks to the association 100 000 entrepreneurss and her lessons in the Université Paris X. She also develops integration structures (SIAE) with the Réseau cocagne and gives the possibility to a maximum of persons in difficulty to find a lasting job thanks to her insertion company Planète Sésame 92.