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Nicolas Métro

Founder, Kinomé

Nicolas Métro has worked for twenty years for big companies, in France and abroad, in the field of marketing and general management.

In 2005, as he was following a Master in Ethical Leadership Development with the Research & Evolution consultancy, he decided to “reconnect with his family DNA”- his two grandfathers were forestry workers -and devote himself to the forest.

He created his company, Kinomé, which means tree’s bud and eye in Japanese, with a clear vision: use the trees as a solution for human and economic development, and spread this vision all around the world. In order to increase the number of projects in the world, he created the Forest & Life movement in 2010. To date, Kinomé planted and protected four million trees in twelve countries, which contributes to improving the living conditions of 200,000 people.