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Olivier Crouzet

Dean of Studies

BACKGROUND / Academic and professional background

With a scientific background, Olivier Crouzet got a Master degree as an IT engineer. During scholarship, he acted both as a technical assistant and a teaching assistant. After 2 years as system administrator in the 3rd French Internet service provider, he joined Nicolas Sadirac to develop during the last ten years a well-known IT school witch became a French leader with 4000 students. He designed the pedagogical model, and made it evolve. Based on this educational success, a new IT school ’42’ is created in 2013, along with Nicolas Sadirac, Kwame Yamgnane and Florian Bucher, promoting a even more advanced training methodology, called Peer-Learning. Olivier Crouzet designed this model, and while still evolving it, he is also promoting evolution in the French education system.

ACHIEVEMENT/ What is the project / initiative / startup / company you will be presenting at the LHFORUM all about ?

42 is an IT school using the Peer-Learning pedagogy: 100%-project-based, without any teacher, lecture, nor knowledge transfer. Students debate, exchange ideas, try, fail, try again, to reach the goal. Finally each student evaluates its peers while the community evaluates him.

LOCATION / In which part of the world do you conduct your activities ?
Ecole42 is based in Paris, France

IMPACT / What is the positive economic, social, political, environmental impact of the activity / project / initiative / startup / company ?

Founded and funded by Xavier Niel, owner of one of the four French telecom company, ’42’ is totally free for the students. Open from 18 to 30 years old, no previous degree is required to apply.

QUOTE / A saying, quote or reference phrase that tells something about you

Children are all different. We need multiple educational paths towards excellence.