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Olivier Oullier

French country chair, Global Gignity

Olivier Oullier, PhD, is professor of behavioral and brain sciences at Aix-Marseille University (France). He designs, implements and evaluates multi-scale behavior and system change strategies thanks to his experience in scientific research, policy-making and corporate consulting.

Building on his laboratory and field work in psychology, behavioral economics, complex systems and neuroscience, he has developed new operational methods to improve communication, engagement and facilitate the adoption of behaviors that improve people’s health and well being at the individual and collective levels. Recently, he has designed a new on-site methodology to measure the gap between intention (what people say/think they do) and action (what they do in their daily activities and environments).

Olivier has authored more than 140 publications in top scientific journals and mainstream newspapers and magazines including the New York Times and Nature.  He has taught, consulted or given keynotes in more than 30 countries and also teaches at the Universities of Oxford and Geneva’s executive education programs.
Between 2009 and 2012, he has been an adviser at the Center for Strategic Analysis of the French Prime Minister where he was in charge on the Neuroscience and Public Policy Program. This world-premiere used behavioral insights to design evidence-informed strategies to counter gender stereotypes in schools and workplaces, improve crisis management, public health, sustainable consumption, education and the law.
The co-founder of The Science of Communication, the World Economic Forum named him a Young Global Leader. Olivier sits on the advisory board of several companies and NGOs and is Global Dignity’s chairman for France.

Citation : « Walking on water is possible. All you need is a frozen lake. If there is none, let’s design a(n evidence-informed) plan to freeze it »

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