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Peter Thum

Peter Thum

Founder and CEO, Fonderie 47

Peter Thum is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the « Fonderie 47 », a firm which transforms AK47s from Africa into rare jewels.
He is the founder and previous President of Ethos Water. After the acquisition of Ethos by Starbucks, he served three years as Starbuck society’s Vice-President and as president of the Starbucks Foundation. Up to now, the Ethos Water produced more than $6,2 million for water projects throughout the entire world, helping more than 420,000 people to gain access to safe water, sanitization, hygiene and education. Peter Thum also created Giving Water in 2008, a non-for profit society which allows him to work on more global issues.
Peter Thum is currently the representative of the United States at the UN commission for refugees, at the Human Rights in the World Fund and a consultant for FEED projects.