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Poonam Kumar


BACKGROUND / Academic and professional background

A Harvard Business School Alumnus, with over three decades of varied experience, Poonam Kumar is the founder Chairperson of Mega Ace Consultancy. She brings a diverse blend of expertise in business and academics. An organisational, business and policy consultant, she has advised various private and public sector clients across the world and has strong multi-cultural work experience having worked in over twenty countries.

ACHIEVEMENT/ What is your project, initiative, start-up, company all about?

Mega Ace Consultancy was founded in January, 1997, by Poonam Kumar. India was in the process of liberalization and privatization. The GDP growth was over 6% and attracted attention of several international businesses. Much information on Indian Economy and industry was not readily available to the global companies. Her research and business acumen helped her design several research publications to share knowledge on Indian economy and industry. Her publications and research papers were well appreciated. Mega Ace was also the content provider to the Thompson Financials working on an agreement with a compensation of $8/eye-ball hit for every page of her research reports.  She has sustained her publication for almost 20 years which is still very popular and is now circulated as a complimentary copy to senior managers/decision makers both in the private and the public sector and has a readership world over.

She was also involved with the privatization of the insurance sector and has worked with several state governments in India on privatization policies in several other sectors. Having experience in both public and private sector she developed several PPP models for delivering social projects.

She also developed capacity building and executive development programmes aligning Indian corporates with global business. She entered into partnership agreement with Securities Institute of London, subsidiary of the Bank of England and brought certification programmes for traders (International Capital Market Qualification – ICMQ) to India in 1998.

With a vast knowledge base built post liberalisation and the worldwide network of professionals and diplomats of high calibre whom she interacted during her professional life, she visualised that India will be able to achieve its full potential by addressing barriers to Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in Infrastructure and other social sectors. Sharing the knowledge base and experience of these experts with Indian stakeholders would help find solutions to these barriers.

Hence, as a logical step forward, Poonam Kumar set up her own venture initiative, a global think tank – Centre for Business & Strategic Affairs (CBSA) to share insights and views on policy discrepancies with a focus on business and community. Her vision behind building this global knowledge sharing platform is to enable the exchange of ideas and thoughts on “enterprise building” closely linked with “community development”.

 LOCATION/ In which city, country, part of the world do you conduct your activities?

Mega Ace has an office in London and Mumbai also has its presence in several cities – Paris, Brussels, Stockholm, Montreal, Sydney, Perth, Hong Kong and several others through partnerships.

IMPACT/ What is the positive economic, social, political, environmental…of your activity, project, initiative, start-up, company?

Mega Ace has been working on diverse sectors to bring concepts that are aimed at suggesting solutions, bridging gaps in the social sector as well as targeting inclusive growth. Their current focus has been on integrating high technology and high skills in India. Mega Ace is facilitating partnership opportunities for the companies that exhibit innovative competencies and sophisticated products that could enhance the “Water & Energy” infrastructure development in India.They are also currently working on Clean-Technology projects in the EU region and have recently established a chapter in the Nordic region that focuses on Green solutions.

Mega Ace is also working on an “ E-governance project”  which seeks to identify gaps in e-services specific to business needs and opportunities, advocate best practices and cultivate skills that will allow sharing of information in a designed flow to deliver efficient services in India.

Poonam Kumar has given several talks on entrepreneurship and how the youth can be engaged in several opportunities in the current economic and business environment. She has designed a unique capability building programme entitled “Comprehend India: Understanding Business in an Emerging Economy” in partnership with the executive MBA (HEC, Paris)  which has helped over 450 young executives from leading companies to India sharing with them the insight of doing business in an emerging economy like India.

Mega Ace in partnership with CBSA has been involved in facilitating research based advocacy for sharing of ‘Best Global Practices’ on solutions to meet the needs for “Affordable housing” and “Micro financing” models in India.  CBSA has been conducting pilot studies in selected cities of India to determine issues of building housing and finance aspects for the low and medium-income households.

QUOTE/ A saying, quote or reference phrase that tells something about you

“A creative entrepreneurial mind will always find a creative solution to the gaps in the business environment; however success requires discipline, hard work and training”.