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Rainer Nolvak

Founder, Microlink

Rainer Nolvak was born in September 28th, 1966 in Estonia.
He is a Chairman of the Board in Curonia Research. Mr. Nõlvak is a well-known as a business angel and entrepreneur. He founded Microlink, the largest computer manufacturer in Baltic States and also the leading internet service provider Delfi. He is well-known for his personal commitment and involvement in his investments. Mr. Nõlvak’s is an authority in the matters of life sciences, IT and energy industry. Rainer Nõlvak has advocated for the Estonian energy industry to move away from oil shale and move towards renewable energy systems. He has published the ”Green Energy” program.
Rainer Nõlvak is a chairman of the Estonian Fund for Nature. He has many worlddisruptive ideas how to arrange the World. He was named as Estonia’s most innovative person of 2008 and received the 2008 Estonian Volunteer of the Year national award.
Rainer Nõlvak is the founder of Let’s Do It World, the grassroots civic movement dedicated to organizing country-wide mega-clean-ups in growing number of countries.
On 3rd of May 2008, over 50 000 Estonians cleaned up thousands of illegal trash piles all around their country, in just five hours. About 10 000 tons of garbage was collected, packed and sorted, making it the largest coordinated civic event in the country since the singing revolution.