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Raphaël Palti

Founder & CEO, Altavia

Founder and CEO of ALTAVIA, Raphaël Palti created the ALTAVIA Group in 1983, on the model of advertising and promotional agency. He was then 24 years. A graduate from ESLSCA, he cut his teeth in several advertising groups (Publicis and Eurocom in particular).

Altavia now operates in 18 countries and 26 cities in Europe and China and achieved in 2011, with nearly 1,000 employees, 609 million euros of turnover.

The course of Raphaël Palti is closely interwoven with that of the ALTAVIA group, which he has built through a number of meetings, creations and corporate takeovers in almost all areas of commercial communication for retailers. Also within the ALTAVIA group, Raphaël Palti continues to make strategic consulting with some of his clients.

For several years, Raphaël Palti and his group have been engaged in philanthropic initiatives through organizations involved either in the fight against poverty, or in health or in culture.

Born in Saint-Nazaire in Loire Atlantique in 1958, Raphaël Palti is married with six children.