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Ruben Dieudonné


CEO, MicroCred Senegal

Ruben Dieudoné is an expert in microcredit management (individual and united group).
He joined MicroCred Sénégal in November 2008 as Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of the Operations and he was promoted CEO in December 2009.
Ruben gained 8 years work experience in the microfinance sector. He holds, among others, a position as Loan Manager in the two of the biggest MFI of Haiti. During the last three years, he was freelance Consultant in microfinance, while managing his individual company specialized in mobile phones sale.
Ruben holds a Master II degree in Banking and finance and a diploma in Economics from the Ouisqueya University, a private university in Haiti. In 2003, he attended to the Boulder Microfinance Training Program in Colorado (United States).
Ruben speaks fluent French, Creole, works easily in English and has working knowledge in Spanish.