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Vanessa Matignon

Haiti Ambassador to France

BACKGROUND / Academic and professional background

Degree in litterary, artistic and industurial property
Degree in coporate law
Doctorate in Law
Lawyer (Barreau de Paris)

ACHIEVEMENT/ What is your project, initiative, start-up, company all about?

Spread the will of the Haitian government to build Haiti including on the institutional aspect after the devastating earthquake in 2010, to come through the assistantship integrating the sustainable development values, allowing an equitable repartition of wealth, to help Haiti becoming an emerging country around 2030

LOCATION/ In which city, country, part of the world do you conduct your activities?

France Haiti and french-speaking countries

IMPACT/ What is the positive economic, social, political, environmental…of the activity, project, initiative, start-up, company?

Strengthening the ties between Haiti and France through the official visits of the President and the Prime Minister of Haiti and an historic visit of Jean Pierre Bel, French senate president.

QUOTE/ A saying, quote or reference phrase that tells something about you

« Impose your chance, hold your happiness, go toward the risks, watching you, they’ll get used to it » Char