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Véronique Chabernaud

Doctor, Founder & CEO, Créer la Vitalité

After an experience as a doctor in a hospital, Véronique Chabernaud joined the pharmaceutical industry where she has been a manager and an executive, at both national and international levels, in charge of operational, corporate, medical or business matters.

During her career, she has followed an ESSEC Specialized Management training (Marketing and commercial expansion) and then took part in the Master for the Development of Ethical Leadership. This training led her to reposition herself: she created her own structure in the health sector, with the will to foster an ethical management in other companies.

She founded Créer la Vitalité in 2007, and is also its managing director. Créer la Vitalité is a consulting firm devoted to promoting health and vitality in companies. Véronique Chabernaud is a consultant associated to the Recherches and Evolutions firm.