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Yannick Roudaut

Co-manager, Alternité; Speaker & Essayist

As a former economic and financial journalist (BFM, Bloomberg TV, BBC, The Journal of Finance Investing …), Yannick Roudaut took an intellectual and professional full turn during the 2007 subprime crisis. Realizing the “unsustainability” of our world, he decided to devote his energy and look for a sustainable economic model.

Today, speaker, author and entrepreneur, Yannick builds bridges between the world of finance, NGOs, economics, ecology, philosophy and social / societal issues. He has travelled extensively all around France, Europe and even the world for 6 years in order to make citizens, students and business leaders aware that they need to look to the future through the Social-Economy-Ecology prism. In 2011, his recommendations were presented to the Social and Environmental Economic Council in the context of a mission dedicated to “The Competitiveness of France” at the request of the Prime Minister.

Expert APM, Germe, columnist for Le Monde, Yannick Roudaut is co-head of Alternité consultancy firm.