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For a horizontal governance

For a horizontal governance. With Thierry Chamouton,
Fondation Positive Planet, Marion Darrieutort,
Entreprises & Progrès, Yves Le Bihan, Leadership positif, Isaac Getz, ESCP Europe & Lou Hamonic, 500 idées pour Le Havre,

2016 Marion Darrieutort ©ledroitperrin HD -7205
Marion Darrieutort CEO, Elan Edelman and Vice-President, Enterprise & Progress
BACKGROUND / Academic and professional background: Graduated from the European Business School and CELSA. Marion began her career with the L’Oréal Group before joining i&e Consultancy as a communications consultant. In 2002, she joined TBWA Corporate as Chief Executive of the Public Relations department, managing 40 Read more...
Thierry Chamouton
Thierry Chamouton General Director, Positive Planet Foundation
Thierry Chamouton started his career in 1976 as economics and finance writer at the Larousse publishing house. He then spent fourteen years in the agri-food sector (Nestlé Waters), and a further experience in a software engineering company (Atos Origin), before he moved into a new Read more...
Lou Hamonic (Linkedin)
Lou Hamonic Blogger and computer engineer
BACKGROUND / Academic and professional background: I have a double degree in management and computing. I graduated from Telecom SudParis school and Toulouse’s IAE (Institute of Business Administration). I have worked for four years for the City of Paris as an IT project manager. I participated Read more...
Isaac GETZ
Isaac Getz Leadership and Innovation Professor at ESCP Europe
BACKGROUND / Academic and professional background Isaac Getz studied engineering in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and graduated with a Master of Science in Management, a PhD in Psychology and an Habilitation Research in Management. He was a visiting professor at Cornell, Stanford and Massachusetts Universities Read more...
Yves Le Bihan
Yves Le Bihan Entrepreneur, lecturer & Chairman, French Institute for Positive Leadership
BACKGROUND/ Academic and professional background Have worked for global leading companies in different executives roles for 20 years prior to set up a consulting firm in leadership and transformation. I’ve accompanied more than 60 CEO and executive committees from global and medium size companies. Graduated Read more...